Animated Favicon

How can I add favicon ico to joomla template?

It are very as simple steps as you are having favicon in the regular website, in fact, placing favicon in Joomla is much easier.

Firstly, you create your own image ready for converting into favicon. Remember to create in the size of exactly 16 x 16 Pixel of GIF or PNG format.

Secondly, you have to convert it image into faviicon.ico. This is very important step. You can also simply to go favicon online creator to make the file ready to use ad favicon. The website will ask for location of the original file, you tell it, click and that’s all the process.

Finally, go to the address, then remove the existing file called “favicon.ico”. you just simply replace that file with your new .ico file and finish. Please also aware that the new icon may not appear right away. You may have to clear cache and refresh for the new page to see your new favicon.

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